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In an effort to incease my mobo knowledge, I purchased a PCi8 tester from HDE. It was the "Professional" version. Much to my dismay, when I read the 'instruction sheet' it did not proide any instructions on how and where to install either of the two PCB's. The provided link was totally useless. Now I don't think I am that much behind the times but I could not figure out what connector this interface was supposed to mate with on the DH61CR board.
I have requested an RMA to return this product.
Does anyone have a sugestion for a Mobo/ BIOS tester that has a manual that will show a newbie where to install it and what to look for? Some of the under $10 devices on ebay have two digit displays but I am concerned that the decode information will be very lacking.

Thanks for any help.
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    For the most part, such testers are worthless.
    You probably did well to return it.
    Even a simple PSU tester only tests basic connectivity, and nothing under load.

    My first test on a new motherboard is to simply boot and attempt to get into the bios using the integrated display adapter.

    The second test is to load memtest86+ and exercise the ram.

    Over time, you may accumulate a unused psu, ram, or graphics card that helps in diagnosing the source of a problem.
  2. Thanks for your advice. Since the problem I was working on appeared to be a POST problem, I thought these testers would give me some insight. Like many of these extra devices, they have limited documentation so you don't know what new information you will get from the device.
    I do have RAM and a Power Supply so if I can get this mobo to give out some beeps and display anything I'll do some exchanges.
    Thanks again.
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