Cloud Storage (WD My Cloud) vs External HDD for System Image Backup?

Hello all,

my father purchased a WD My Cloud NAS for a backup solution for the whole family, over the house network.

However, since I had little need to backup documents, videos, or pictures (I don't have many), I want to backup my entire drive. I realized that since I want to backup the entire drive, I might as well backup/create a system image in case of total HDD failure.

Now, I have tried to backup over to the WD My Cloud (over wi-fi, WD My Cloud and my PC are on different floors) and it is taking a very long time.

I entertained the idea of buying a WD My Book to backup weekly or monthly system images, which would be much faster as it is a wired conneciton (over USB 3.0).

Is a personal cloud storage not the best solution for full HDD backups? Is there any faster way to backup (connecting the NAS directly to PC?) or to simply go with an external HHD?

Thanks for any replies!
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  1. wired is best but you will always be limed by the slowest link in the chain.
    For example I imagine your current wireless connection is G limiting you to ~ 3-6MB/s.
    Class N you would be probably limited by your adapter with n150 being the most common and get ~7MB/s
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