Can the MSI N780 TF 3GD5/OC support dual monitor set-up

I am getting a MSI N780 TF 3GD5/OC graphics card and I was wondering if I can use a dual monitor set up of 2x1920x1080 monitors LED. Would I need to buy a second one? If it can support 2 monitors is it possibly to use HDMI for both or do i need to use VGA connection? Just so you know I am using this gpu for gaming. Thank you!
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  1. Yes, it can easily run 2 displays, but not both on HDMI. Use one on HDMI, and one on Display Port.
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    You could use one hdmi or one display port, I would recommend using both on display port if your planning on adding a 3rd monitor later on. But otherwise that card is capable of driving 4 monitors very nicely. At 2 monitiors you should still be able to play at ultra settings, but be careful with the monitors you use, when using only two monitors. Because the center of the screen will be the bessles (frame of right side of left monitor and left frame of right monitor). So if you have a monitor like m ine, ive got a good half inch frame on the sides, times that by 2 and ive got an inch gap where the middle of the screen would be. I've tried running two displays and because of that huge gap it makes fps a pain in the arse, so I just went back to one, otherwise using 3 monitors would seem the better option.
  3. [] monitor one, [] monitor 2. [][] monitors set up as one, with the middle or crosshairs being in that gap between the two. I know its not a great example
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