how can i connect more than one tv to a directv box, second tv is a old tube type.

The first tv has HDMI and the second tv has coaxial cable, same channel is ok,just in workshop.The receiver is Advanced Direct TV it has cable in and HDMI out.
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    If your Direct TV box does not have any other outputs and the 2nd TV has only RF antenna input you would need to split the HDMI,
    convert it to composite video/analog audio,
    and then modulate it to channel 3 or 4.
    You would also need the appropriate HDMI, composite video/audio and RF cables.
  2. You can run an RCA cable to an RF Modulator and then coax the rest of the way to the old TV. Problem is that as soon as you connect that yellow RCA cable, the receiver will only output in Standard Definition, even the HDMI connection will be restricted to 480p.
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