Assassins creed IV fraps

i got a Radeon R7 240 1gb DDR5, my specs core i5 3rd gen, 3gb ram
still i how much i lower setting itz only get 18- 24 fps can anyone tell me y???
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  1. Well, this gpu R7 240 can be compared to a HD 5670, so it won't run ac4 pretty well, lower a bit you graphics settings if you want to play in full hd resolution
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    As Barguerra stated, you have a R7 240. It actually doesn't meet the minimum requirements for the game.

    Really, the only thing you can do is upgrade your GPU to play the game.

    BF system requirements:

    Ranking of GPU power:,3107-7.html

    PC games are not like consoles. You have to make sure you have strong enough hardware to play the game.
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