What is Broadwell?

What is Broadwell series?Will we be see some speed push in next series.The haswell dissappointed me very mean.So i can except a speed increase or we just will see a battery improvement and graphics huh;) I want some speed increase in next series.
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  1. Unless AMD has a break through, you may never see a big jump in performance from Intel.
    Why would they.
    It would only be competing against themselves.

    They probably have way faster technology, sitting on the shelf.

    The CPU part of Haswell did speed up a little also.
  2. They keep the boosts for when there is competition. Expect to keep seeing power and graphics improvements for laptops etc in the meantime/until
    no one needs a desktop anymore.
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    Broadwell will likely just be a minor increase in CPU performance; probably another 6% assuming the same clockspeed since they have not said a word about improved CPU performance (just like Haswell).

    The main goal is further reduced power consumption so that they can be used in tablets. The biggest improvement will be the graphics core which will probably be another 30% or so. If you are looking for a big boost in CPU performance, then you may need to wait for Skylake mobile CPUs to be released in 2015.
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