No monitor, mouse or keyboard, PC starts ok.

PC: HP Pavilion P7-1418.
MB: MSI MC-778 (Jasmine)
Processor: AMD A6-5400K
Video Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7450
Integrated graphics: AMD Trinity HD 7480 D

Up until this all happened the PC was awesome! Great graphics speed, everything smooth. But over about a month or so the monitor would take longer and longer to come on (10, 20, 30, seconds, then a minute or more! One day it just stopped coming on. At that time the mouse and keyboard still came on. The PC always started as usual each time I turned it on. I had the DVI cord connected to the monitor since buying the PC (new) a year ago. So I switched it to the HDMI plug and it worked! but only for a few more times. During this period I reinstalled Win8 just in case it was software issue. It still only worked on the HDMI plug and otherwise made no difference, still taking 1 to 2 min to come on.

I have several inputs on the monitor (DVI, HDMI, VGA, Coaxial, and USB) I switched them all out with other cables and tried on other devices including my old PC and the monitor worked fine. So I tried the built-in VGA plug on the motherboard after removing the video card. Nothing. And then the mouse and keyboard stopped coming on. It still starts as normal as I can tell, but the nothing on the monitor, mouse, keyboard. All this happened, naturally, a week after the warranty expired.

So I started switching everything out one by one, the RAM, hard drive, video card, reset the CMOS. I unplugged teh DVD's. No difference. I really hope it’s not the motherboard. Please! Any other suggestions on what to do to try to isolate the problem? Really hope to salvage this year old PC. I don’t have another $700 for a new one. Yikes! I will carefully try all that is suggested. Thanks.
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  1. you might want to install your drivers....also if you can, just get a new computer
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