First build Need Some tips on this High-end gaming pc (mostly case suggestions)

So far this is how far I got with my build Been trying to think of a good case which could fit all this and look sleek/nice with good airflow but im not looking for full tower cases since in my opinion it would be kinda useless having all that space for just 1 card *no planning to sli*.(also points for detachable racks*as in where you put the ssd/hardrive)
Also some suggestions on tweeking some parts would be welcome.
(I plan on getting g-sync even if it costs me some serious $$ and this seems the only one out atm Untill something cheaper comes out,this is my planned monitor)
The budget can go up to around 2500-2700 euros.

( For hard drive,I don't really need it since I never have more then 2-5 games installed and so far on my current pc I havent passed the 150gig mark)

Also other info that you may find useful: I plan to mildly overclock when I see the pc struggling (which hopefully wont happen soon)Also the choice on getting 16gig ram is simply my choice since it's can't hurt to have more just incase)

Games planned to play:witcher3/dragon age 3(Did I mention I love RPG'S?) on maxed settings
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  1. what is your build? (nothing but the monitor like showed up)
  2. animal said:
    what is your build? (nothing but the monitor like showed up)
    My bad :D I derped out and forgot to paste the link.Still here OP?
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