can 4th generation intel core i3 run wow

I'm getting a laptop for high school and a laptop that I picked is one that has a 4th generation Intel core i3 processor I wanted to know if I'm able to play wow on medium settings or even higher without lag
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  1. yes. Intel cpu's have high multi threading so you shouldn't have a problem
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    Probably only at lower resolution and maybe medium graphics quality.

    The following link is to a review of the Sony Duo 13 with a Core i5-4200u with the Intel HD 4400 graphics core. It starts off with Minecraft, then WoW. The resolution is 1920x1080. WoW starts at about 11:15 into the video.

    If you do not have a ULV (ultra low voltage) CPU, then you should have the Intel HD 4600 which is more powerful and you will be more likely to play WoW at high resolution and high graphics quality.
  3. Here's a short clip of the i5-4200u with the Intel HD 4400 playing WoW @ 1366x768 resolution. No commentary.
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