Newbie needs help with combining 1333 and 1600 RAM

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My friend and I built a PC last year and I started with 16GB of Kingston 1333 RAM. Yesterday I got a good deal on 2 sticks of Kingston 1600 RAM and I would like to install it but I am new to the overclocking/tweaking to make it work right, Any help would be appreciated. I downloaded CPU-Z and saved it as an HTML but I see screenshots attached to posts and tried the F5 thing but I don't see any bmps or a way to attach a file. Like I said I am a newb and could use some help.
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  1. You can't have 2 speeds of ram. They will always down clock to the slower in your case 1333mhz. Either you just use the 2 1600's or your stuck with 1333mhz
  2. if you want to run in troubleshoothing and issue mix the ram you should stay with the 1333 or get all the 1600 to overclock or we will see you around posting for computer issue and troubleshoothing .
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I just didn't want to do any damage and for whatever reason when I use the rebate the 2 sticks of 1600 were $30 cheaper than the 1333.
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    you could probably even sell the 1333's and get 2 more 1600's. But if you have 8 gigs of 1600's that's plenty. 16 Gb is a lot
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