I am building a budget gaming computer and am still deciding on storage. I have heard that SSHDs are a perfect balance between SSDs and HDDs, but I suspect there is a catch of some sort. I know that HDDs are king in terms of storage size and I could just buy one of those and get an additional SSD later. What should I do?
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  1. Look at
    Line Tech tips sad vs had vs ssh
    On youtube.
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    Samsung 840 EVO 120GB + Seagate 1TB 64MB cache
  3. The only Hybrid SSHD worth anything is the new WD Black which is horribly priced. The problem with SSHD is it gives you the worst of both worlds. You get a 5400 rpm hhd and a slow ssd (normally with very small capacity and only used to cache). You' be far and I mean far better off with a Samsung 840 (pro-top speed/evo good speed but cheaper), and a normal/typical 1tb 7200 rpm mechanical.
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