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I am building a budget gaming PC. I have heard all about the horrors of Windows 8/8.1. Despite the horror, I am considering getting it for futureproofing reasons. Currently I have Windows 7 and am very good at using it. What would you recommend?
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    Both are good Operating Systems! We have desktops as well as laptops running Win7 and Win8.1. On my latest Z77 new build I chose to go with Win 7 Pro because I wanted the Virtual Computer feature running Win XP for older software.

    Generally speaking newer OS (like Win 8.1) has better security features. Because of this I suggest Win 8.1
  2. I completely agree with Ubrales I am running 8.1 on all my machines and I have never had an issue or problem with the OS I honestly am one of those who believe that WIN7 should be left where it is in the past, but that is just me
  3. 7 is a good OS, but for new builds I would recommend just getting 8. It might not be worth it to upgrade from 7 to 8, but for a new computer 8 would be best, mainly for the reasons listed above. I also feel 8 is a little quicker, although I also had major hardware upgrades (as in new computer) when I got 8, so I might be a bit biased in that area. And most of the complaints center around the start menu, which in reality is fairly simple to learn and even has its own benefits over 7
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