I installed a new PSU this morning and fired the computer up. After opening my MSI Command Center application to begin overclocking my i5-4670k, I got a VCORE Warning. It looks like the VCORE was fluctuating around the .100 - .080 mark. It seems very low considering the low setting in MSI Command Center warning application the VCORE range is from .500 - 3.0 .

After doing some research I downloaded CPU Z, and sure enough my core voltage is fluctuating anywhere from .345v to .040v. This seems very low. Is it dangerous? Everything seems to be running smoothly including games. The only that I have changed is my PSU, and it is larger than the one I replaced it with.

Thermaltake 850w to be exact.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Changing the PSU to a larger capacity PSU should not change anything.

    Check the voltage in the BIOS.
  2. Joel Stilwell said:
    Thermaltake 850w to be exact.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    That is not very "exact" although it does narrow it down to 5 or more* possible models and 4 possible manufacturers. Note that ThermalTake uses other manufacturers to make their PSU's, they make none of their own. Is there any other model info on the box or PSU?

    *It could be a discontinued model which I'm not counting
  3. Sp-850m
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    Joel Stilwell said:

    Ah, the "Smart" (Thermaltake's model name for it) 850. Reviews of that PSU (manufactured by a company called ChannelWell) are very positive, it seems to be a well designed PSU. That doesn't exclude the possibility that you may have gotten a bad one. I'm hesitant to say it is the PSU but if you were running okay before and have only began having that after the PSU replacement, I'd say an RMA of the PSU would be in order here
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