Windows 8 OS install on fresh build

Hey guys I'm quite new this but my question is:

Can I take an existing version of windows 8 (that's on my laptop) and install it on a brand new build with no OS?

Iv herd of using a recovery CD as an install but maybe i was mistaken.

Thanks boys
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  1. From what I have heard, OEM version of WIN8 on your laptop is directly linked to the mother board, I have attempted exactly what you are talking about using recovery disks for my HP Laptop on a custom build with no OEM OS and failed. And it makes sense because if that worked like that there would be no need to buy Windows 8 for your custom if all you needed where recover disks from an OEM. I am sure there are work arounds but your best bet is just to purchase 8 new and avoid headaches. Hope this helps.
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