I want to change mobo and CPU and i have some questions related to windows.

Hallo people,as the title says i plan to get a new mobo/cpu i dont want help about what to pick but i want to know somethings about windows.As microsoft says new mobo means new pc and they provide me with only one copy of windows.So can i reinstall my current windows to my new mobo,as i know yes but its not good as i might encounter some problems,and if i get new windows how to install them,i plan to use the HDD that i currently have.I know my questions might me a bit stupid but i dont know much about these issues to it would be kind if someone could explain me the whole process.
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  1. Just have the current windows key you have ! Use the same key on the new computer after you install windows to activate. It should work fine.
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    You are right about the new mobo and new CPU being a new PC. That is how Microsoft looks at it especially if the OS you have is an OEM product, as opposed to 'Retail' product. On a 'Retail' OS, Microsoft will permit one uninstall and re-install on a different computer.

    In your case you can try re-installing the OS that you have on the new motherboard and using the telephone activation. Microsoft is not legally obligated to honor this request.

    Now coming to the new mobo and the new OS. Make sure that the HDD that you want the OS to be installed on is the only HDD on the computer and is connected to SATA port zero (port zero has the highest priority). Go ahead and install the new OS. It may ask you to format the HDD. Select NTFS format, and continue per the prompts.

    After the new OS is installed, you may add HDDs as needed to the other SATA ports, re-start the computer and turn ON those ports in the BIOS.

    This guide may come in useful:
  3. Yup my OS is an OEM product, anyway your answer was very good ill figure out a way to get an OS to my new set
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