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Ever since the newest nvidia update and the installing of my new ssd I have been experiencing a significant performance drop with all games that I play. I'll use BF4 for example (I did save my config before installing the new ssd) I would have all my settings set to medium to high at 1920x1080 120 hz and would get a constant 200 fps but now I can barely keep it above 100 and I even drop some of the graphic settings. I know the ssd works cause my system loads up in about 3 to 5 seconds but I'm afraid that it has dragged my games down (all my games are installed on ssd). Or has anyone heard of that latest nvidia driver not being good? I dont know what to do to get my PC running like a champ again.
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  1. Did you only install the OS on the SSD or do you also have the drivers there.
  2. The OS is on the ssd as well as origin, bf4 and the rest of my games. Also, my cpu is i7 2600k clocked at 4.4
  3. Well bf4 is a pretty messed up game, people have problems with it after they update a driver or a game patch, solutions usually involve a clean driver reinstall along with a game reinstall.
  4. Ok, is the latest nvidia driver having performance issues? The rest of my games haven't performed well either. Games like Dayz, Rust, CSGO
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    I haven't heard of a major problem, there are always people who will have issues when updating to latest drivers but I don't believe there is a major problem with the latest one. You can always go back a driver version if the current one is having problems to see if that solves the issue.
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