difference in i7 4770k and i5 4670k

I was going to buy a i5 4670k cpu and wanted to know the performance difference to the i7 4770k and witch is more future proof or witch will last longer .
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  1. I7 is more powerful, so its going to be relevant for more years. In terms of gaming i5 and i7 are pretty close...
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    i7 has hyperthreading, meaning in some programs it will behave like an 8-core CPU and will beat the 4670k by a large margin. For gaming, however, they are very similar.
  3. will the i5 4670k last a few years before it bottlnecks gpu's
  4. I don't have a magic ball in front of me in order to predict the future, but I am pretty the cost of i5 would have amortized by the time you will need a new CPU...
  5. The i7-4770k will last longer, assuming that game developers start taking advantage of the hyperthreading. Still, I'd pick the i5-4670k. You'd get similar results for 3 years, and then you'll want an upgrade anyway. Maybe to a nice 16-core running stock at 5GHz, we'll see :)

    OK, I have a 4770k myself, but I do a lot more than gaming on this PC.
  6. The 4770k have higher cloock speed by default(means absolut nothing), bigger cache and hyper-threading enabled.
    For gaming the i5 is perfectly fine and should very well handle all games smooth.
  7. dale2468 said:
    will the i5 4670k last a few years before it bottlnecks gpu's

    Even if it does you will still be able to play games.

    My nearly 6 year old Q9450 is still quite capable of playing modern games as long as expectations are not too high. I can pretty much play Skyrim with very high settings, the HQ texture pack and other high resolution textures and many other mods. Along with my Radoen HD 5850 I basically can get between 50 - 60 FPS @ 1920x1200 resolution on my 60Hz monitors (which limits the max FPS to 60). I'm sure if I had a more powerful GPU I could max out at 60FPS even if the Q9450 were to bottleneck it.
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