Best IPS 27" 2560 x 1440 gaming monitor? Please Help

Just wanted to get some info from you guys on this subject. I will be playing mostly MMO's with this monitor , a little bf4. I will have i5 4670k with gtx 780 or r290 . i haven't decided on that either. Please help . I really would like to hear your input. Thanks :)
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  1. I'd go with the "HP zr2740w version 2" for it's excellent colors, and low input lag. I have version 1, myself which is identical save for the more aggressive anti-glare coating (version 2 has less).

    The only downside of the zr2740w is it's lack of a scalar(image processing), but then that's why it's latency is low, and any half decent video card (including the two you named) will do the scaling themselves.
  2. Don't very good reviews on Newegg :(
  3. What do you mean? 4/5 eggs ain't bad.
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    I'm considering the iiyama xb2779qs, seems to get good reviews
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