Mass Effect Trilogy for PC or PS3?

Hello everyone!

So I recently decided to finally play mass effect for the first time. I have a PC that can run the trilogy with no issues, but I also have a PS3....

I have heard that the PS3 version of the trilogy has more DLC, is this true? But I have also heard that the trilogy is better on PC. Is the difference in DLC worth picking the PS3 version over the PC?

I prefer mouse and keyboard over controller but not enough to make me choose one over the other.

Thanks for any insight you all can provide!
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  1. Its good to play in PC, you have better experience. Also FPS are always better to play in PC instead of consoles ^-^
  2. ME are not extactly optimized for mouse and keyboard. Unless you want better graphics and smoother gameplay, I would go with the PS3 version (The Lair of Shadow Broker is an "upright" DLC)

    edit: Either way prepare for a huge dissapointment at the end of the 3rd ME. I invested like many others on the series when the first ME came out (I've played the PS3 DLC on an friend's PS3) and Bioware betrayed my love and dedication for the series storyline with the end of the trilogy (note that ME3 is great as a game aside from the end)
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    I don't know about more DLC on PS3 version, but just get it on PC, it will look better, feel better with keyboard and mouse, and be moddable.

    Oh also, you can use your PS3 controller on your PC if you want, download this and plug your controller in(also supports bluetooth if you have an adapter); it works like a charm.

    Simply put, PC all the way.
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