Help hooking HDTV, Soundbar, Cable Box, Blueray DVD to HDMI Switch for best results.

I have a Samsung HDTV UN65FH6001FXZA (has only 2 HDMIi in ports and no audio optical out), a Samsung Soundbar HW-FM45C (has 1 HDMI in port & 1 HDMI out), LG BP135 Blueray DVD player w/HDMI and Cisco HD Cable Box w/HDMI (Cox Communications) I purchased a Kiniro 501BN Premium powered HDMI 4 "in" and 1 "out" switch box. How would I hook everything up for the best picture and sound without fumbling & juggling multiple remotes? Help please....
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    1. Connect the Bluray and Cable box to the inputs of the HDMI switcher. Cable to input 1, bluray to input 2
    2. Feed the HDMI output of the switcher to the soundbar HDMI input.
    3. Connect the HDMI output of the soundbar to the TV.
    The HDMI switcher will automatically go to the Cable box except when the Bluray is turned on.
    You will need to use two remotes for cable and three for bluray unless you get a universal programmable remote. A Logitech Harmony remote might work for you.
  2. Yup I have one for other room and its great . Figured I would have to do the same...thank you..
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