Is there such thing as too many fittings/adapters/extenders on a loop?

So for my water cooling loop is there possible flow issues with adding lots of extenders and rotary adapters in place of using tubing? Fittings are just so much neater than tubing. I do understand the higher risk of leaks with the increased amount of fittings added due to the obvious connection additions. I only purchase the best brands like Bitspower and a couple Enzotech fittings fyi.
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  1. For close proximity it's ok to use fittings and extenders but for any distance it would not be practical as extenders are not longer then 3" . There is another option as there is now rigid acylic tubing but it requires heating and bending.
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    In terms of performance, adding heaps of angled fittings is fine. Martin figured out that you need roughly thirty 90° adapters to raise CPU temp by a degree.
    If your look for straight "tubing" runs, your probably better off with acrylic tubing than a ton of extensions.

    The main thing that stops me going nuts with fittings and such is that they are damn expensive.
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