DVD-ROM Won't Read Discs - Humming

My Samsung SD-608 (DVD ROM) refuses to read discs. I have had cd drive problems before, but they were all eventually fixed with a bit of tinkering. I will insert a dvd (yes I am sure the disc is rated DVD and not CD) and the drive will hum, stop humming, hum again, and shut off. In windows me it shows up in my computer as (Compact Disc) and will not open. On the other hand, my Sony CRX140E works fine. Unfortunately this is not good enough as most of my files and blank CDs are DVD-ROM -_-.
Memory:64 MB RAM
PC: MicronPC Millennia RS2100 Series
Drives (IDE):
-Samsung SD-608 DVD-ROM
-Sony CRX140E CD-RW
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  1. It sounds like its time to replace the drive. Unfortunately, the ide drives are going to be a bit pricey, and may be a bit hard to find. You might be better off getting an external dvd drive, such as for about 25 bucks.
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    sounds like it bit the dust and had it's time. It's an IDE drive that's like 10 years old. That's good for a drive. New drives nowadays don't last that long.
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