Why does it keep going back to moderate

i put my xbox to static ip and in router's dmz and even in that it keeps going to moderate nat after like 2-3 days I am curious as to why and its a xbox 360 and random ports labeled skype udp ports forward and thats when it goes to moderate 360 has no skype so im confused i want to keep my xbox on dmz i lag less.
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  1. Make sure UPnP is turned on in your router setting.
  2. the prob with upnp is fios router's dont have it
    the default one
  3. Try to take it off the DMZ and open:
    Port 88 (UDP)
    Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
    Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
    Port 80 (TCP)
  4. no i called fios and xbox and they said all i had to do was click manual on my xbox and type the ip i wanted it to be and it would always pull that one from the router am i supposed to reserve it on router too
  5. Yes static ip should be reserved on your router. Look under the DHCP setting on the router, there should be an option for dhcp reservations.
  6. do you know how on the verizon stock router
  7. At the link below look at the section that says how to get the same ip assignment per device.
  8. do you know if all ports for call of duty games are the same because i see a pre made rule for call of duty with ports TCP Any -> 28960
    UDP Any -> 20500
    Any -> 20510
    Any -> 20600
    Any -> 20610
    Any -> 28960
  9. or is this just the original call of duty or something
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    They are different. Look here:

    Once you set the static IP on your router, put that address in the DMZ and you should not have to worry about opening ports. Also you should reboot your router after these changes are made.
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