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I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I'm using a MSI mobo, fm2 a75ma e35, with a A6 5400k processor. I have stably overclocked the processor by raising the fsb from 100 to 105. After stress testing for 20+ minutes with prime95 my processor stayed below 40C. It can max out at 70C, but I'm going to try to keep it below or at 60C for safe measure. Once I try to raise it from 105 to 110 or even as low as 107 Windows freezes and restarts upon loading at the windows logo screen. I'm going to try and raise the multiplier up and see if i can get some stability, but I want to be able to raise the fsb more as I like the boost to my ram, integrated gpu, ect. Help!

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    remember that rasing the fsb changes more then just the ram timing and that could be where your crashes are coming from. that 5mhz difference on fsb is a 5% increase in ram speed and that alone is significant change in speed so that may be all you will get.
  2. Cool. I wanted to try to get it a bit higher, but i ended up getting it to 106 and raised the multipier to get a final speed of 4.56 from 3.6. Ran prime95 for 20 minutes with no errors. Gonna run it for another hour for now then leave it on for another 12 or 18 another time. Should be straight. Thank you.
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