would you recommend buying 2 Tbs Hard drives or 4 1Tbs?

a guy in a computer repair store told me the life span of Harddrives over 1Tb is not that long.

He suggested i get a few 1tbs hard drive instead of buying 2 Tbs

what do you guys suggest?

The thing is i have 1 Hard drive thats 2tb buts its from 2011 and 2 older Harddrives than that from 09 and 06.

I want to get another Harddrive and clone everything on the 2 harddrives,this way if one of them goes ill have all the data.

from all 3 harddrives on the 2 newer hard drives, i know it sounds confusing but i just want to preserve my data.
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  1. why not get like a 4tb or two 4tb harddrives?
  2. I think the computer repair guy was thinking about that terrible batch of Seagate 2TB drives we had some years ago... Or maybe the WD Green line, also rather unreliable IMO.

    I did have an excellent experience with WD Caviar Black 2TB drives - I had 3, used daily for a couple of years, no issues.

    I'd go for the larger 7200 rpm hard drives and make sure my backups are up to date. For example right now I have WD 4TB internal drives and I back up on an external WD 3TB.
  3. I am not aware of over 1TB drive having a short life. I have 3 drives over 1TB and they are all running fine.

    How much storage capacity do you need?
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    4TB drives can be reliable you just have to ensure you get the proper drive for your application. If you are storing data you no longer access or are just using the drive for backups then a 4TB Intellipower drive will do. Now if you go with a regular speed hard drive and one that is of good quality such as a WD black you should be good. As for 1TB drives I have found that the WD Blue drives tend to perform rather well. I personally use two 1TB Blue drives in a RAID 1 configuration for all my legacy programs and to store video files and other things I don't want just sitting on my SSD. I have included links below to the 4TB WD Black and the 1TB WD Blue hard drives. If you would like to spend a little more money and get a higher performance 1TB drive with a longer warranty the 1TB WD Black's are also excellent hard drives.

    4TB Western Digital Black:

    1TB Western Digital Blue:
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