need fix b4 boyfriend techie finds out and goes ballistic

I cant pull pic up. I literally have generic thumbnails where pictures used to be. clicking on pic produces a blank screen in 'picture viewer'...

My WD HDD with winxp os became backup to another HDD that had win 7 32bit os. (2 HDD one computer both are sata) Running win7 I moved some files from the win 7 HDD to the winxp HDD, but in order to do this I had to take ownership. I have my new build together with the win7 harddrive. So my boyfriends XP HDD is back in business, however I cant view ANY of the orig pictures on the drive. Is there a way to regain ownership of these files through XP without reformatting? Please help before boyfriend techie flips out...
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    These article should help you with:

    Specially the part of "Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP Professional", disabling that will show up the security tab on the file(s) properties that will allow you to regain ownership.
  2. Sorry should have specified.. win xp home edition, but will try and see..will update thread with outcome.
  3. Thank you sooooooooo much! This worked perfectly! Awesome solution! So glad u helped!
  4. Glad I was able to help.
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