catalyst control center won't open and shows error

every time i try to start it up, i get
"catalyst control center cannot be started, there are currently not settings that can be configured by catalyst control center"
im using .net 4 with windows 8 pro 64 bits and amd 7670M. what do i do to fix this?
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  1. Did you find an answer to your question?
    I am in the same predicament with the same specs on my Asus K75D series laptop.

    If you managed to get yours working I would appreciate hearing back from you.
  2. Hey guys. AMD has had driver issues for a long time, but they are a lot better than they have been. Best things you can try is first make sure you have the .Net framework as up to date as possible. Uninstall the driver and try to reinstall it. If a reinstall doesn't do of the most updated driver, wipe the driver completely off and try to find a driver from several months or even a year ago and install it instead.

    I recently had to deal with the latest driver not wanting to work with my 7850 crossfire set up, but fortunately I had the driver from like 9 months ago and installed it instead. Fixed everything. Might take some messing around, but you should be able to get it. Just keep trying.
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