Pc shut down and restart 2 times not heat or hw problem

My pc randomly shut down and reset today. Even though i have really good cooling i checked the bios for heat and cpu was around 20~25 and gpu 40~45 which is obviously not hot (Celcius). Then it happened again 1 more time and it was not hot again. There not much background processes open, only antivirus and some drivers (and if i remember correctly chrome) so it is not caused by that and it is not a hardware failure i am sure because I am using this pc nearly 15 hours a day for a month, mostly gaming and this is the first time this happened. It is not a power issue too, 1000W PSU is enough for my pc.
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  1. You may have to start pulling items out of your pc one by one till you find the bad hard ware who makes that 1000 watt power supply you have whats your pc specs? btw
  2. I don't have bad hx i dont think

    gigabyte z87x oc mobo
    i7 4770k
    Asus 780 ti
    g.skill 2x8 1600 mhz ram
    also hdd,ssd,optical drive,sound card,wifi card
  3. do you have your cpu overclocked a lot? if so back it off some even tho your temps are not high it could be a sitting in your bios causing this. what did you say your brand was for the power supply?
  4. I didnt do any oc at the time, game was an old game so non OC can very easily handle, load was not even 5%
  5. was it a old game that you may have needed to run it in compatabilty mode?
  6. Not that old not sure which year but was after win7 release and i use win7
  7. Ok well since you haven't provided me what brand and model of power supply your using I can help you any further even the high end power supply units fail every comp makes a lemon so something to consider,,
  8. I am using FSP Aurum Pro 1000W
  9. I am having the same problem. I have two FSP Aurum Pro 1000W power supplies, and when installed in a case, it will intermittently shutdown. If you press the computer power button, it will not power on indicating that it is a protection problem. However turning off the Aurum Pro power and turning it back on, will allow the computer power button to work again. I believe that it is the over temperature protection circuit that is shutting down the power supply. Unfortunately I am having problems with the supplier believing that this is the issue. I have measured the housing of the power supply and it gets to at least 30 degrees - internally however it will be getting hotter. Check also if the power supply fan is working - sometimes a fan failure will cause an overheat which will shutdown the power supply. My power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case, so makes it difficult to know if the fan is working unless I put the case on its side - might have to do this. The same power supply works fine on the bench with an identical motherboard and gpu configuration because the heat is not trapped in the case. My case has eight fans, so should be sufficient cooling.

    [Edit] To confirm this, I will be replacing the power supply with an equivalently rated one. The psu I am choosing will be a Corsair RM1000 which is 1000W with continuous operation up to 40 degrees - similar specifications to the Aurum Pro. If it does not fail like this, then this would confirm the Aurum Pro as being the problem.
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