3D modeling/rendering + some gaming PC

Will the following configuration work for using 3DSMax/Rhino plus limited gaming?

i5 4th gen - 4570
Motherboard H87M-E - Asus (note this has no PCI slots, only PCI express)
RAM - 8 GB (1600) - ADATA
Gfx card - AMD HD 7770
HDD 1TB - WD Blue
550W PSU - Corsair
Cabinet - Cooler Master 922

On graphics cards, would it be better to replace this with Quadro K600.

Also, are all the above compatible & adequate ie PSU w/ MoBo, power needs etc.
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  1. Also, Is it OK to forget about PCI slots, going forward since PICe 1x slots should suffice if any new hardware needs to be added in future?
  2. Solved.

    After research, finally went for:

    CPU - i5 4570
    Motherboard B85M-G - Asus (No PCI slots, only PCI express)
    i5 4th gen - 4570
    RAM - 8 GB (1600) - Kingston Hyperx
    Gfx card - 650 Ti 1GB DDR5
    HDD - WD blue 1tb
    PSU - Corsair VS550w
    Cabinet - Cooler Master K380

    Under my max budget - (Rs. 50,000 / $800)

    Key points:

    1. Motherboard has more than what I need in terms of SATA, Audio etc and no SLI/OC. No need for H87 or Z87. Chose ASUS over Giga for brand and better quality in general.

    1a. Also thought of going for H81 chipset since max memory need will not exceed 16GB in fore-seeable future and by the time it does, it will be all DDR5 anyway.

    2. Cabinet choice enabled very neat wiring thereby eliminating need for Modular PSU.
    3. PSU is better than CX series (entry). TX is double the price and probably not worth the cost delta.
    4. I regret spending time on exploring ready machines from Dell/Lenovo/HP etc.
    You get half the value at this price point - 2 generation old chipsets, cramped cabinets and suboptimal PSUs leaving little room for expansion.
  3. hang on, I do the same stuff with the same programs, If you want any more help just ask. I do 3D Modelling and some gaming and I use 3DS Max and such as well as a lot more 3D Programs
  4. Best answer
    Some suggestions,
    -I would look into 12GB Ram 1600MHz 3x4GBSticks
    -change the HDD for an SSD, the performance of a SSD over a HDD is huge, loading times and boot times is far better but it does come with a price, if you can't expand your budget, a HDD for the meantime is fine.

    Great choices:
    -Good idea for the motherboard, no need to spend big bucks for something that has no performance advantage, the more you spend the more features you get but your covered for features.
    -Great choice for a PSU, Corsair is very reliable and a trusted brand for a PSU....Great you didn't cheap out on a really bad PSU.
    -Intel i5 Quad Core, those applications will need More then 2 and especially the way these 3D applications are going. And no point going for the k unless you are going to overclock, which I assume you aren't.

    Overall, You planned quite well and for the budget it'll cost, a good investment for the work you do out of it and enjoyment.

    Sorry no-one helped you before.
  5. Thanks. Will see how RAM performs before adding another DIMM.

    PC is built but am about to order Gfx card 650 Ti 1GB. Any lower cost choices? How about 7770?

    Or may be try Onboard graphics for sometime ?
  6. I would stay with the GTX 650Ti, Check out the difference:

    If the performance of the graphics card is no need for you then the 7770 would be the better option. But for the software you need the 7770 is fine but since you do light gaming the GTX 650Ti is better for that.

    But, There is one advantage over the 7770, You can crossfire them later (get two and connect them up as basically one), but that comes with it's disadvantages. The GTX 650Ti can't SLI (same as crossfire essentially), but the boost model can, so if you plan to get two cards down the track, get the GTX 650Ti boost or save the money and get a 7770. Integrated graphics is terrible, me after using integrated graphics 4000 was a terrible experience, not just gaming sucked but programs that required some graphics performance was not very good at all. I ended up with my build getting an R9 290X windforce 3x OC, but for 3D design and such both the 7770 and GTX 650Ti are perfectly fine cards for that and decent at gaming at medium on most games, Can play high depending on the game and your resolution. <That's for 1080p (1920x1080), which I'm assuming that's the resolution your working with.
  7. Thanks. I chose a motherboard without SLI/crossfire support. No plans to add second card in foreseeable future. Will stick to 650 Ti only.
  8. good choice, If you ever need to upgrade later on, you can just get a single but more powerful GPU for that one slot. Enjoy your new card. and rig :)
  9. to see how much ram your using, on gadgets in windows, there is a gadget called "CPU Meter" and that shows CPU usage as well as Ram usage, that'll tell if you need more ram or not.
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