7950 oc runs fine in benchmark software but crashes in games.

Yo guys,
fx8320 @ 4.2ghz
sapphire 3gb 7950
corsair vengeance @1600mhz
corsair cx600m
asus r2.0
Samsung 840 evo 120
WD caviar blue 500gb

So my problem is when I overclock my graphics card via msi afterburner is always crashes.... even at 1050core 1300mem. The screen flashes, my game dies, and then i get a message saying my drivers have recovered. This only happens in game though and when I run heaven or novabench it runs fine. Do know what could be causing the problem?... also I don't think it could be heat because i have a full atx case witha ton of fans lol.
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  1. what are the stock speeds? do a clean driver reinstall first.
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    The overclock may be unstable, it sometimes happens that benchmark and other stuff won't catch it but games will. I could run Valley/Heaven all day long but loading up World of Tanks/Rome Total Was would crash me. For ultimate stability I would run 3d mark 2013 demo version, instead of a crashm that actually gave me a blue screena nd after I tweaked my OC, everything was fine
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