PS4 or XBOX ONE which is best for fps games

i looking to buy a new console for playing games like cod,bf4, ....etc fps games
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  1. PS4 is a little faster

    PS4 has 1152 shders , XBox1 -768 but
    PS4 800MHz but XBox1 853MHz clock speed

    PS has 8 cores at 1.6GHz , XBox1 has 8 cores at 1..75GHz
  2. which has the best games
  3. techfreaky said:
    which has the best games

    i cant say because i use only computers , i only have info on the subject
  4. apparently both are good but i believe Playstation has more exclusives than xbox
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    Just get the PS4, alot of games on the PS4 are performing better than the same games on the Xbox One already. (Eg; BF4 at 900p as opposed to 720p, Tomb raider definitive edition at 60fps as opposed to 30fps.)
  6. PS4 all the way buddy
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