will this build be able to max out most games?

My first pc build and I wanted to know if it would be able to max out most modern games (Crysis 1-3,Metro, Far Cry 3 etc..)
CPU- AMD Fx 6350
MOBO- Gigabyte GA- 78LMT
GPU- Asus Geforce GTX 760 2Gb
RAM- G-SKILL NS series 8Gb (4x2)
Case- Rosewill Ranger
PSU- Antec Neo Eco 620w 80 plus
OD- LG GH24NSBO dvd/cd writer
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    Nope, the 760 is very playable, but isn't going to max contemporary titles. And 2x4 dual-channel is also playable, but not ideal, if you're taking it to the max. You've got a nice desktop there, without googling the mobo and case, but it won't win hardcore crunching awards. Have some fun, don't worry about what the guys on this site do in their labs
  2. I wouldn't say max out, but you'll be fine at a mix of high-ultra settings at 1080p
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