sata II to sata III ??

i ve upgraded the cpu to Intel Core i7-4930MX Processor Extreme Edition
(8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz)
and i guess that can i upgrade my old sata II to sata III if not then forhaps i can get a ssd for it , or can i ??
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  1. As long as your motherboard supports SATA 3 then sure you can get whatever you want for it.
  2. it only supports sata II
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    There is no need to swap motherboards just to get SATA 3, but an SSD will certainly speed things up.
  4. karlosrehe said:

    You can use any drive you like, you may need to get a drive bay adapter for the hard drive so it fits into a full size drive bay.
  5. ok thnx all for spending time :D
  6. Yes, while you may not observe the increased SATA III data transfer rates, SATA is backward compatible so, you can purchase virtually any drive with the SATA interface.
  7. ok thnx!! :d
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