ASUS GTX760 sound problem

I havet got this new ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 for my 890GXM-G65 based computer and now i started to notise that if i play full screen video my sound starts to lagg ..
I havet the newest nvidia driver and chipset drivers updated BIOS bit nothing hlps .
i tryed a old radeon card and th sound worked perfectly.
Is it the gtx760 broken or is it som compatibility isue that i dont. know of
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  1. Do You use Your GTX760 to output audio through HDMI? Or You use integrated MB audio? If integrated don't forget to update Realtek® ALC889 driver also, from MSI site. Also get latest DX version.

    Btw witch slot Your VGA inserted in? Closest to CPU? What is Your CPU/RAM? Win version?

    One thing You can try is in playback device properties, advanced>default format, try to change it.
  2. I use MB sound out put
  3. Then use latest MSI available driver, and play with playback device properties, advanced>default format, try to change it to the first one, then change it up and check if it is still stable.
  4. Windows 7 i tryed Windows 8 the problem ws even worse CPU is a phenom 1090. 6 core
    Ram KHX1600C9D3T1K2/8GX i use the pcie slot closest to cpu
  5. And if You mention Radeon, mean there is some drivers You have, wipe all AMD drivers/soft and use some regcleaner in addition. Then clean install NVIdia drivers, not the beta ones, just latest ones.
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    If you dont use the HDMI output from your video card then i suggest to, sweep your drivers an reinstall them without the HDMI driver from nVidia and see what happens.
  7. I do use the hdmi out put.
    I re instaled the card .and now its working of Windows drivers .. Dont know if i delar i install newest drivers..
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