building a new pc , need help...

Hi, i am buying a new pc and have managed to squeze these components into my budget :

: AMD FX 6350
8gb Corsair vengence 1866 mhz
Seagate baracuda 500 gb
Asus M5A78L-M/USB3-Motherboard
Sapphire r7260x oc edition 2gb gddr5

now my question is, i am going with a 550watt corsair vs series, will it cut it ?

and does the fx 6350 overheat ? i ask because of the high tdp

is it better to get a aftermarket cooler on the fx 6350?

does the r 7 260 overheat?

and what will my overal perfomance be for gamign on med to high 1650 x 1080?
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    corsair psu should cut it aok

    performance at a given resolution doesn't mean anything zero nothing - a game from 10 years ago will run on the most basic system at a high resolution where as a next gen title will NOT - resolution means nothing

    overheating never worry about it - buy your system, test it at 100% load, if your system crashes look into it from there

    stock components should work with stock coolers, if not its a factory defect - return the item as not working as intended - easy
  2. Thank you for your answer , so looks like ill be going for the system as i wrote it . Do you maybe know how this cpu goes with Dolphin emulator ? i know intels are better for that but they are much more expensive than what Amd has to offer...
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