Help me in overclocking Inetl® core®2duo E7200 2.53Ghz to (2.83Ghz-3.13Ghz).

Help me in overclocking Inetl® core®2duo E7200 2.53Ghz to (2.83Ghz-3.13Ghz).

I'm using Core2duo since jan 2009 and now it has been outdated because of nextgen i-series processor.I'm a PC gamer but my processor
is not upto the gaming level.I hate buying new PC so soon,planning to get it by 2015.So till that I need to cope up with this PC.
That's y I've planned to overclock my PC.Since I own a Compaq Pressario FK804AA-ACJ SG3550IL it is not possible for me to overclock
through BIOS.So I'm planning to go with SETFSB.So give me procedure as I'm over clocking for first time.I know what is
FSB,Multiplier...............Though I learnt software OC is critical,I think I can OC atleast to some extent.
Now I own SETFSB,Speedfan,CPU-Z,HW-Monitor.So with your advice let me goahead.

My system specifications,

Operating System :Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
CPU :Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53GHz Wolfdale 45nm Technology
RAM :4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15)
Motherboard :MSI Boston MS-7525 pP35/G33/G31 (Socket 775)
Graphics :HP w1907 (1440x900@60Hz) ASUS 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Storage :1250 GB Harddrive
Audio :Creative SB 5.1 VX
Power supply :250W HP invent.
CPU cooler :Cooler Master CM12V (2772 Max. RPM tested by me)

Internal Specifications,

Core speed :2527.2MHZ
Mulitiplier :*9.5.
Bus speed :266.0MHZ
Rated FSB :1066MHZ
BIOS Version :Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.11, 7/15/2008.
RAM :PC2-5300 2*2GB Trancend DIMM CL5.
DRAM-Freq :333.5MHZ
FSB:DRAM :(4:5)

I'm planning to go for Nvidia Geforce GTX650ti 2GB ,Is it worth for my processor?Else give me a suggession GT610 is a
non-sense that I use.

I had run the Intel burn test(Max.set-52 mins) with current CPU the results are

Max CPU volt :1.2v(vcore)
Cpu Temprature :58 c max.
Socket temp :32 c max.
Max freq :2.53 Ghz
Normal temp :40 c
Heavy load bench marking test: 952 marks(for my hardware)

This is what I have ,if you need more info I can proceed according to it.

Games average FPS(low settings):
GTA 4 :22
AC-3 :30
Hitman ABS :30

Also help me in this forum,

Step 1

Open your computer chassis and expose the motherboard to find the model number of the board. If you are working with a
desktop, look for a white label with a barcode under a six-digit number followed by a -001, which can be located
anywhere on the top surface of the board, on one of the edges or immediately next to the RAM bays. On a laptop,
the model number could be anywhere, even on the underside of the motherboard.

Step 2

Open a search engine and enter the model number followed by the letters “OEM” or preface the model number by
“non-HP motherboard similar to…” If your search comes up empty, check out overclocker forums. Ask for information on
alternative or OEM BIOS for your particular HP motherboard. Overclockers are usually geeky hobbyists eager to show you
how much they know about ways to get around locked motherboards.

Step 3

Download the alternate BIOS from the OEM website or from a site recommended by a trusted overclocker. Read the tips and
warnings below before proceeding. The BIOS settings on the downloaded substitute BIOS has an additional file called
README.txt or similar. Open it and read it. It will tell you the new controls to expect and what buttons to push to
open the BIOS page when you re-boot your computer after flashing the BIOS. “Flash” or replace the HP BIOS with the new

Step 4

Turn on your computer and open the BIOS page. Depending on the version you flashed, you should see controls over
the CPU voltage, the clock speed, the front-side bus settings and memory speed settings. Increase settings very
slowly 3-5 percent at a time to approximately 20 percent above factory clock speed settings and check for stability.
If you maintain a stable performance environment for an hour or more, you can consider cautiously increasing incrementally or accept a 20 percent increase as more than

This forum can help a OEM computer.
According to this my part number is AS#464517-001(1st sticker).
SP#480429-001 PADBBOFPIW7Q4Q AS#464517-001(2nd sticker).

But I can't able to find any BIOs after long search,can you also help me with this?

So help me to decide"SETFSB or New BIOS" for overclocking.

Also help me choosing new GPU.

I believe 100% that OVERCLOCKERS club could help me!!!!
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  1. Best answer
    GO for New BIOS! Get GTX 660 instead of GTX 650 Ti Boost! But by 2015 you will again face the problem of low FPS and lagging by these GPUs . If you are buying the GPU now go for GTX 660 it will worth the money!
  2. I've succeed in overclocking my processor to 3016.6MHZ,which is stable after the Intel burn test maximum settings for about an hour,

    Results as follows:

    CPU :2.53 Ghz to 3.01Ghz.
    DRAM :333.4Mhz to 396.9Mhz.
    Rated FSB :1066.5Mhz to 1270.1Mhz.
    Bus speed :266Mhz to 317.5Mhz
    Max CPU core temperature :62 c max. (intel burn test)-39 c min(normal)
    Max MB socket 775 temp. :66 c max (intel burn test)-41 c min(normal)
    Fan-1 speed :[1338 RPM min.- 3105RPM max.].
    Fan-2 speed :[1023 RPM min.- 1981RPM max.].

    I tried to over clock beyond that but I got blue screen error of death at PC restarted and going fine with 3.01Ghz .
  3. That should have done much improvement in FPS? You cannot overclock more I think !
  4. Yeah man little improvement , FPS improved in a range of 3-8 FPS fir different games.
    No games exceed 30FPS due to GT610 thats y have to replace graphics card, you've adviced me to go with GTX660. A guy in asked me to go wtih HD7870 extreme version which is better and cheap,what's your oponion?

    Also tell can these GPUs bottleneck my CPU?

    Intel is gonna launch 10nm-12nm processor's by mid 2015.So I don't want to go for new CPU & motherboard and brackdropped by new tech. ,so waiting for those to relese!!!!!
  5. If on budget go for HD7860 but as I trust Nvidia more!With nvidia you can use Physx and you get 3 Games free too!!My choice NVIDIA!!You CPU may bottleneck!
  6. What is Phys X , wat games R given free
  7. Tamil Arasan said:
    What is Phys X , wat games R given free

    Phys X ? Refer this link
    Game free is Assassin's Creed IV
  8. Did yo play AC IV BF? Ac 2 is best I've ever played(story bgm ..........)...

    By OC saw a great change in PCSX-2 emulator,not in PC-DVD Rom games !
  9. Which brand should I go with Zotac,Evga,Asus give me a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. that would be the price listed+700 RS
  11. Oh and btw there are so many wrong things the above poster (not me) said.
    First your cpu is not good at all,basically how games work is in dumbed down language
    The cpu (intel proccesor) sends information to your graphic card(the gtx 660) and the gtx 660 uses the recieved information and transform it into visual.But here's the problem,you're cpu is not sending enough information hence your graphic card is not being utilised at all so it doesn't matters if you get a gtx 780ti or a gtx 660 you won't be able to send enough information so that means low fps meaning less settings.
    I think gtx 660 is your best bet due to our indian prices and even then you will see a huge bottleneck although you might be able to play games on medium
  12. This link is good , Gtx660 for jst 12K. So do yo've any reviews about HD7870 vs gtx660?
    yo've said that there won't be any bottlenecks , buy few reviews says
    bad about thier relationship,any review?
  13. I said there will be a bottleneck.So gtx 660 or gtx 650ti boost is your best bet,anything higher and it will be a waste with your cpu.7870 is better than the gtx 660 too in performance wise but the gtx 660ti is better than 7870
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