Hard Drive Reading as RAW, but wait, there's more!

So I've done some intense Google work and have been unable to come up with a solution to my problem.

Whilst conducting a large file transfer recently my system locked up and had to be reset. When I turned my computer back on, my portable hard drive can no longer be read. I opened up the case and directly connected the drive to my computer through a SATA connection.

Upon investigation in Disk Management the drive is reading as RAW. I understand this would normally indicate that the drive is proper stuffed. However, this is where it gets interesting.

My TV can still read the drive and see's all the content that should be there, in addition my housemates Mac can also read the drive and see's it as NTFS.

I ran the TestDisk program which did not solve the issue, in addition to several other Hard Drive recovery tools.

This problem has stumped many of my more IT savvy friends, I would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. My only option at the moment looks like manually copying all the content onto another Hard Drive through either the TV or Mac which will be quite labour intensive to say the least!
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  1. In Disk Management, does that drive have a drive letter assigned to it?
    If not, try right-clicking on it and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths".
    Click "Add"
    Choose a letter or accept the default letter.
    Click 'OK'
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    check this website if it helps you:
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