fx-6300 vs fx-8320 for r290

Would the fx-6300 bottleneck the r290 or should i get the fx-8320
If i get the fx-6300 i can get liquid cooling but if i get the fx-8320,i have to use stock cooler
Question 1-would the stock fan in the fx 8320 be enough to keep my pc quiet
Question 2-would a 720watt psu be enough for fx-8320 and r290
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  1. Is it enough to keep the pc quiet and do not overheat?i dont want it to overheat and say cpu over temperature.
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    Get the FX8320 with the R9 290
    Stock Fan on FX chips is useless.
    A good quality 700w would easily run the pair.
  3. Do you mean fx-6300 because you said stock fx fans are useless.i wont be able to play my pc games quietly and without overheating in any way.ex-cpu is over temperature when start the pc.
  4. Would the fx-6300 bottleneck if i dont overclock
  5. Every time I suggest getting a fx-8320 people complain saying that it will give decent fps BUT a really low frame rate. So, good luck.
  6. Im really just wondering whether the fx-6300 would bottleneck the r290 and will thr stock cooler in the r290 be enough to keep low noise and does not overheat and say cpu over temperature
  7. That depends alot on your computer case though, whether or not it has good airflow.
  8. How about if i add 2-3 case fan maybe 4 but perhaps 3 but i use the stock cpu fan fot the fx-8320.
  9. i would never recommend using a stock CPU for a high-end processor, they basically give them same CPU fans for all their processors, which are fine if you want to watch youtube videos and play solitaire but not if you want to play any games for long periods of time.
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