what does this mean

my psu is of IBall sps-252 with ac input 230vac 50/60hz

what is the watt of this psu
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  1. does this support Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650TI (Boost edition) 2GB 2 GB DDR5 Graphics Card
    and is it good for gaming ineed to play the latest games with average speed of 30fps
  2. Here is a previous answer on that.

    If it is only 240 watts. ouch. It won't support ANY cards that are for sale retail today except some misfit store that is selling outdated video cards.
  3. Couldn't find an official source, but in some forums ppl say the IBall sps-252 is a 400w model, they also mention however the bad quality of this PSU, so you might wanna consider getting something more reliable, like from Seasonic, Antec, Corsair or Thermaltake.
  4. A good rule of them if you don't know a good brand of PSU to buy and you can pick them up... The heavy the better. If they are light then they are cheap.
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    Always the same,
    Pre built system Psu not worth a dime, the cheapest one Hp ect could buy and fit.

    Then sell the system for and overrated price if the case.
    Or you usually find, where its you buy a case with a power supply fitted for a new build. Both are often cheap and not well made.
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