USB and Audio Ports No Longer Working

I turned my computer on today and learned that the USB and Audio ports on the back no longer work at all. The front USB ports work fine. I've noticed that the keyboard no longer works before windows loads when plugged into the back so I'm assuming reinstalling windows will do nothing. I've also tried disconnecting the power for a few minutes to see if that helped and no luck there. Is there something I can do or is my motherboard completely borked? I'm running an ASRock Extreme6.
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    Try going into the BIOS and doing a factory restore and see if it restores it.

    Also, UNPLUG the power AND then push the power button to discharge any remaning power.

    You might also try the old CMOS reset if the BIOS restore doesn't work.
  2. Well I half solved my problem. I disabled legacy USB in the bios and that got back my USB ports but audio is still a no go.
  3. OK so I did the factory restore on BIOS and it worked, I went back in and put in all my custom settings and it's still working. Why would something like this happen?
  4. Bad things happen. :( Such as 'bit rot' on your hard drive. Perhaps a power spike caused something. VERY VERY unlikely that a virus tried to attack you. I wouldn't think that way unless you were installing a lot of warez/torrent downloaded stuff.
  5. Can viruses even get to the BIOS?
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