Someone help me on buying a new monitor :)

I have Viewsonic 1366* 768 Monitor which I want to migrate to new one. Someone show me some good idea.

My single use is Visual studio 2013 and Sublime text for edit the code and web design. When I use firebug it's almost take my half of screen.

I thing about this one;26 This is in IPS 21.5 inch and full HD. Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Monitor

The main thing I want to get is

1920 *1080 Full HD. most of time I read the text. In my next monitor I want the feature so I can better read.

I have seen another one but I read that IPS would be better then TN.

I am In India. Agra in India. Do someone tell me some good idea to bought my next monitor. the main purpose of my monitor is writing and reading code.

Anirudha gupta
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  1. What I like about ips monitors is the greater 178/178 viewing angle.
    The one you picked looks good to me.
    Do plan on keeping your old monitor as a second side monitor; it will be most useful.

    Consider paying more for a great monitor.
    You can get some great deals on 2560 x 1440 27" monitors shipped directly from Korea.
    Qnix has been well reviewed on newegg.
    Here is a ebay link :
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