Turbo mode on FX-6100- how many watts does it use?

Question says it all, I've been using amd overdrive to enable turbo mode (only increased it by 300 mhz) It appears to be turbo boosting all 6 cores when I only selected 4, not sure if this is normal. I have an HP mobo and im unable to overclock from there.

So question is, will my 630w psu be enough? and temps are 55-58 degrees under load.

Specs: Thermaltake SMART 630w psu bronze
zotac gtx 560 ti 1 gb (stock speeds)
seagate 1.5 tb HDD
1600 mhz ram (unsure of brand)
gigabyte motherboard
amd fx 6100 3.3 ghz (turbo 3.6 ghz)
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  1. The 630w will definitely be enough. Your temps are fine, everything looks good, so why not use turbo boost on all 6 cores?
  2. Alright, i'll do that then. My main question was how much extra draw an oc/turbo core boost would use, or would that depend on the voltage used?
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    Well, you can overclock that to 7ghz on that power supply and be fine (well, as far as power goes), so noting noticeable.
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