initial 'identifying - no internet access' problem now 'failed to access NetBT driver'

I have two desktop computers (W7) wired to a DSL 3780 (D link router). I also have a laptop computer accessing the router wireless. All working fine for many months until last week. One of the desktops could not access the internet, constantly trying to identify the router. The network adaptor was set at automatically obtaining an IP. After lots of browsing, I decided to set it up to a static IP address (, with the gateway as ( This solved the problem of internet access. Now on that computer I can see the other computers, but I cannot access the shared files. Also the router has a USB port which I have attached a hard drive as a central store. The desktop cannot see the router. The other computers are functioning as normal, they see everything and can access each others shared files, but cannot access the desktop with the problem. I have set the enable 'NetBIOS over TCP/ip', but when I run 'ipconfig/all' from the dos prompt it shows the NetBIOS over tcpip to be disabled. Also trying 'nbtstat -RR' shows 'failed to access NetBT server'. I have browsed lots of sites and checked that the required Services.msc are running. I use Microsoft Essentials/Windows Firewall. Suspecting a virus carried out a complete scan/ ran Spybot 2/Malwarebytes. Problem still there. Any ideas?
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  1. i would complete redo the network settings the same as the other computer are .
  2. The only change to the other wired network computer is that is obtaining its IP address automatically. If I change it to a static (, it works correctly.
  3. then if everything work this way i would leave it like that .
  4. What I am saying is I have one computer working and one not. They both had the same settings. One then came up with a problem 'identifying', which I overcame with changing it's settings to a static IP, but that has now given another problem of not accessing network devices.
  5. How about I try this from a different route. Ignore the second problem. I have two computers, both on W7 accessing the same router. Both set at obtaining IP address automatically. Why is one jamming up at identifying the network and the other works perfect?
    Where is the faulty one getting it's automatic IP address from?
  6. if the both computer are set to get auto address and auto dns also on the one who work on static check if the network sharing is on and retest it
  7. If I go to 'Change advanced sharing settings' in the 'Network sharing centre. The 'network discovery' is turned off. If I change this to 'on' and save the changes, nothing happens. When I go back to the sharing settings it has reverted back to off. Seems the same as setting NetBIOS over TCPIP problem. Something is over-riding these settings.
  8. it could be the net bois settings did you try to stop using them and use the tcpip only .
  9. Thanks scout_03 for your efforts. The machine in question is doing lots of funny things. It has 'lost' system restore points, so my only option is a complete re install. Clean windows 7 works fine, now going to add other software.
  10. then i would do a virus check on all the back up for this system usualy restore point do not erase unless there been set inactive . the other thing did you check you hdd with the drive maker tool.
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