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Hi Guys, i am new here so, i need some help on this choice, will see i have this motherboard Asus A8N-SLI and i'm trying to slowy update this PC, but to buy a new motherboard, memory and CPU, is something dat i can't for now, only in a few months, but the reason of this post is this, a friend here is seling an ASUS 9600GT (used) the price is good, but is this an good ideia? to buy this card, for later put in an new mobo? or...just wait a few more days and goo to a brand new gtx 650?
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  1. A brand new GTX 650 (if it absolutely must be that GPU) would be better easily.

    A GTX 650 Ti Boost would be lovely.

    9600GT is ancient.
  2. HI "x79" and thanks' for your post, i also think that the GTX650 is better, but, if in case i need to use this GTX on this ASUS A8N-SLI, will the motherboard support? i am not a heavier gamer just play normal games and not every day.. right now i have install there an GT440.
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    No problem.

    What games do you want to play? Maybe there could be room in your budget for a motherboard upgrade too.
  4. Right now i just playing, "fligth simulator X", "anno 1404", and driver san fransico all in 1050 for 1600, the problem, in update the motherboard is that i have to buy CPU and memory to, all 3 together, and that is little heavy for be night now
  5. Right.

    What are your other specs?

    What's your currency too?
  6. Hi once again "X79" and my apologizes for the delay, but work called me and had to go, well right now i have 150Euros (i from Spain) my ideia is after the summer buy the CPU, memory, and the motherboard, thinking to goo or AM3+ or FM2+
  7. Well perhaps you should try and wait until then? Things may be cheaper then as well possibly. What's your CPU?
  8. Hi "x79" and thanks' once again, my CPU right now is an athlon +4400 x2(socket 939), with 2 gb (but i can put more)
  9. Hm.

    Well the thing is, there needs to be a balance in your hardware. So if one part is very much faster than a different one,

    things can slow down to the speed of the most slow part - also know as bottlenecking. Which would be unfortunate.

    So in my view it would be ideal if you could wait with an upgrade until you're able to upgrade most of your components

    at the same time.

    No problem.
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