After upgrade to W8.1 cannot connect to HP LaserJet through Computer

I have an HP LaserJet 1320 PCL5 that I was using on my home network. It's plugged into the PC that I upgraded. Prior to this I could print, through my wireless network, to this printer from any of my three laptops. Now it won't find the printer even though it's listed under Printers and Devices on the W8 machine. The laptops do not find it as they did before. I downloaded drivers from HP still no good. I can still print to it from the W8.1 box. Only the laptops cannot find it through the PC running 8.1

I have read of other instances where this has happened but have yet to find a solution.

Seems the upgrade changed something regarding connectivity. Please send help:(
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  1. it sounds like you need to re-enable the sharing of the printer.
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    HP has supplied a partial solution. You can download HP's <a href="">Universal Print Driver.</a> Install it as a separate printer and then you should be able to "find" it using the laptops and print through the PC like I did.

    The only problem now is that one of my laptops is 32bit while the other two are 64bit. I installed the 64bit and only those will print through the box.

    Hope anyone else with this problem finds this.
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