Clean install - Windows 7 problem after using DBAN

I just ran a quick wipe, DBAN, method on my system. Went to do a clean install with Windows 7 (which is what I previously ran) and it freezes every time it gets to the first "install Windows", window... where you choose your language, etc. The cursor doesn't even show up, any suggestions?
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  1. Try another Disc.
  2. udg said:
    Try another Disc.

    Yeah... I was hoping for a different suggestion. Why would an OS Install Disk just randomly stop working? I'll try it at this point, just have to get my hands on another OS install disk.
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    The reason you try another disc is because you start with the easiest options first, no point in messing about with hardware only to find out a few days later the disc was knackered.
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