Error Message, Cannot charge battery strike F1 to continue.

Hi, I have a Dell Inspron 910 Mini laptop that started giving me some problems. It first started with the computer not being able to detect the power cord when I would plug it in and at the time it still had a little battery and it would run on it and sometimes it would take the power when I connected the power supply but ,most of the time it did not. So after checking it a few times I noticed that the DC Jack on this computer was very loose so I opened the computer and saw that the jack was actually attached to the motherboard through a cable and was not one of those that are soldered to the motherboard so I actually purchased one at amazon and replaced it but now when I try to turn on the computer it gives me an Error message that says. The Battery Cannot Be charged Strike F1 to continue and wont go anywhere from there, and I also tried removing the battery and tried to turn it on using just the charger but nothing happens, the power indicator light just flashes once on and off. I would really appreciate any suggestions you guys may have.
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    Then I would check that when you fitted the new part to the board.
    That you in fact got the plus and minus wires the right way around.
    If the connector was not keyed so it could only possibly fit one way.
    Then you may of reversed the polarity of the two wires connecting from the jack to the board.
  2. Hi thanks for you suggestion And yeah I acutally went and cheked that out and it is istalled correctly.
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