How much power for 2 Superclocked gtx 760

Hi guys,
How much power would i need for to EVGA GTX 760 SC 2GB with an acx cooler in 2x sli?

Also how would surrond run on a single 760 until i can get the seccond?
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  1. You should get 750w. The EVGA 750B power supply would be perfect. You'll need to run at reduced settings if you're gaming in surround with a single 760. I would get two 4GB versions
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    Running multiple monitors off one of them probably won't give you the best performance. I run one on a 2560x1440 screen and in newer titles I can't have all the settings maxed. You might go for the 4GB versions but I don't think evga offers those.

    PSU you will want a 750w or more. 60+ amps on the 12v rail. The higher the better for headroom for overclocking.
  3. Surround will run on a single gtx 760 no problem besides being slightly underpowered by the card (use lower settings then)

    for 2 760;s, i would suggest no less than a decent 750 watt, but would recommend a decent 850 watt for safety sake

    the corsair tx 850 is a great psu, but there are many others that are also good, like seasonic or evga
  4. A quality 650-700W PSU is all you need.

    Cooler Master V700.
  5. Thanks for all of your replies,
    I have a Corsair CXM 750w in my build, i also have a single 760.
    Would adding another 760 make a massive diffrence?

  6. You should be fine with that PSU. Adding a 2nd 760 on 1 1080p screen will give you an FPS increase, but it won't be noticeable on a 60hz monitor. It will help more with a dual/triple monitor set up, but you will want more VRAM on the cards in that situation. See if you can "Step up" to the 4GB versions if EVGA has them available.
  7. Ok, does SLI need the same amount of VRam on Both cards?

  8. my bad, yes.
  9. Yes SLI DOES need matching vram, crossfire you can get away with different amounts of vram, but SLI you CANNOT!
  10. If you're playing on surround, you're going to need two 4GB cards.
  11. Ok, i know this sounds stupid but does Surrond work with SLI?
    I found the ports that work on the 760 but on their website i can't continue if i select SLI not single GPU

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