how to find out is it SATA 3gb/s or 6gb/s?

I have asus n53sv laptop with 1 HDD bay... I want to change this HDD with a SSD, but I dont know if its compatible, and I cant find a way to find out how fast the data transfer connection is (SATA 3-6gb/s)....

how do I find that out?

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  1. it doesn't really matter. SSD will only max out SATAII with continuous sequential reads, which are rare, normally just for benchmarking. In normal usage, SATAII will make no difference. You laptop will feel much faster with an SSD, mine (with SATAII) did.
  2. asuming I have sata II ... would realy like to know what I have... but its not like I can google whatever is inside my laptop... I dont know what mobo or whatever there is they are using
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