Fallout 3 steam edition crashing on Windows 7 64 Bit

I've become very aware that this is not an uncommon issue and I've done some poking around and testing and I can't find anything that works as of yet. I'm wondering if one of the main problems is that I have an 8 core CPU but I've even set what cores that the game can use and it still crashed. I've downloaded the DLL and replaced it, I've edited the .INI file. I do have some mods installed and I have not tried disabling them yet and running the game and that might be a fixer in it self but I would really like to be able to run the mods. Are there any other fixes that I can try that I have not tried yet?
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  1. I give you a clap for trying all of those things.

    A few years back I played it, and let me tell you!

    It was a nightmare at crashing.
    Sometimes right after the launch of the exe file.
    I`m sure it has happened to you.

    Others, and hour or two of play then Bang error exit out of the game.

    I never found a fix, it is a very badly coded game with tons of bugs never quiet fixed.

    Just save often. To be honest that`s what it took to Finnish the bloody game. or i would still be trying to Finnish it years later with the amount of times it crashed. LOL ;)
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